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Investing In Yourself

Build your personal wealth: invest in yourself

Your education is an investment in you. It can never be taken away, it grows in value, and it rewards you both personally and financially for a lifetime.

Veterans of the US armed services
veteran funding options available to you in thanks for your service to our country.

An education vs. a new car
In comparison, buying a new car is an expense. It loses value the moment it is driven off of the dealer’s lot. The loan outlives the warranty and outweighs the car’s value. You find yourself upside-down with more debt than the vehicle's worth. Result: frustration.

Better than a new car...
Getting an education builds your personal wealth. You have more value to offer future employers, more choices in employment, better positioning for career growth, and higher earnings over your lifetime. Better yet, you increase your knowledge of the world. Result: satisfaction.  

Options for funding your degree
Come in and talk with us about the options available for funding your degree at Trinity Western University’s Bellingham campus. We can help you make your degree affordable through:

Scholarships and grants
Many private scholarships and grants 
are available to students nationwide for first-time freshmen, current college students and adult students returning to school. Most public and private universities reduce a student’s total financing package by the amount of scholarships awarded. In contrast, at Trinity Western University all of your scholarship awards are applied 100% to your reduction. See our scholarship database and check regularly for updates. 

Reduced tuition credit options 
This is applicable to our adult degree completion programs. Find out about prior learning assessment (PLA), tests for credit, and other means of earning college credit at a cost much lower than taking a classroom course. These apply directly to your degree requirements, reducing your total tuition while accelerating your graduation!

No additional fees
Pure learning: tuition and books is all you’ll pay for at Trinity Western University Bellingham. Other universities charge facility fees, recreation center fees, library fees, lab fees, and more; the list could go on and on. At TWU-Bellingham, our focus is on YOU, not your pocketbook.  Pure learning.

Private funding options
Believe it or not, most college students fund their education with loans, not free grants. And private loans, 2nd mortgages, etc. can be less costly than federal loans. See the financial aid myth “busted” and talk with a program advisor for ideas on private funding.

Payment Plan
Tuition payment plans are available. Pay-as-you-go or invest up front in your future today!

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