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What makes up a BA degree?

What makes up a BA degree?

Everyone’s degree completion plan is unique.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology consists of 122 semester hours (sh) and includes a certificate in human services. The degree completion program in psychology, is based on a students entering with an AA (Associate of Arts) degree or equivalent (i.e. diploma) of 60 sh.  

Students without an AA or equivalent degree/diploma need not worry and can still complete their BA degree with us. Our Advisors work with you to develop a personalized learning plan. Check out our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to find out how to translate informal and non-traditional learning into recognized university credit. 
A maximum of 60 sh may be transferred into TWU, leaving 62 sh required to complete the degree.  Depending upon the selection of transfer credit, students may be able to complete their degree in as little as 22 months.

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