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Leslie's Story

Mother, Full-time employee and proud Graduate:

TWU Student Leslie "I cannot say that having a child, working full time, and completing a degree was easy but it is amazing how you can find the time if you just manage it better. It was just about learning how to re-prioritize my life. TV time turned into 'Mommy is reading her school books and you can read your books time'. By the time my son was two he knew that after we cleaned up from dinner it was study time. He would remind me "Mommy, you have to do your homework". More importantly I think that this whole degree taught my son that studying doesn't have to be a chore if you make it part of your everyday life.  "This discipline I am sure will help him in the future when he starts school. I went through some serious family health issues while completing my degree...and every instructor assisted me by allowing me to work ahead or be a little late if needed. They were amazing. Without all those amazing instructors and the staff, I would have likely given up so many times. Trinity and the students that I attended my classes with almost became an extension of my family. I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Trinity and I cannot thank them enough." - Leslie

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